An appreciation of David Hillman’s UK synagogue stained glass windows

Detail of a David Hillman windown in the Central Synagogue. Photo: Central Synagogue London    The 20th century artist (and rabbi) David Hillman (1894-1974) created richly elaborate stained glass windows for a number of synagogues in the UK, including St. Albans United Synagogue, the Synagogue in St. Johns Wood, London; the Central Synagogue, London; … Continue reading

Vilnius’s Gėlių st. synagogue no longer in danger of collapse

Geliu st synagogue. Photo: Jewish Community of Lithuania      The Cultural Heritage Department of the Lithuanian Ministry of Culture has issued a progress report on efforts to stabilize, and eventually restore, the synagogue at Gėlių st. 6 in Vilnius. The work is being carried out via principal funding … Continue reading