Poland: Jason Francisco on Reconstruction and Memory (from Sanok to Połaniec)

Połaniec wooden synagogue. Photo: Virtual Shtetl    For some years now, the noted photographer and writer Jason Francisco has been exploring the impact of Jewish built heritage on memory in Poland and Ukraine. This past summer we featured his essay on L’viv and the Golden … Continue reading

World Monuments Fund restoration work update: Iaşi and Venice

Restorers work on the dismantled Ark of the Iasi Great Synagogue, 2015. Photo: World Monuments Fund  Thanks to new grants, the World Monuments Fund has announced further steps in synagogue restoration projects in Venice, Italy and Iaşi, Romania.   Iaşi — Great Synagogue restoration nears completion After years of work, the WMF notes that the conservation … Continue reading

Houses of Life: Hanno Loewy on tangible connections to Jewish memory & heritage

Livio Vasieri shows the damage gravestone of a Hohenemser in the Jewish cemetery of Trieste. Photo: Hanno LoewyIn our new Have Your Say op-ed, Hanno Loewy, the director of the Jewish Museum in Hohenems, Austria, visits Trieste, Italy and describes how family history often provides tangible connections to Jewish memory and heritage, with Jewish built heritage as … Continue reading

Vilnius: Jewish community concern over possible commercial development of Great Synagogue site

Information placard in Vilnius at the site of the Great Synagogue.  The Lithuanian Jewish Community has reiterated opposition to possible plans to reconstruct the destroyed Great Synagogue in Vilnius and expressed concern over recent project proposals that advocate for partially reconstructing the building and developing the site as a commercial … Continue reading

New Book: Reform Judaism and Architecture

Reform Judaism and Architecture  Congratulations to the editors and authors of a new book that should be of interest to many of our readers:  Reform Judaism and Architecture, edited by Andreas Brämer, Mirko Przystawik and Harmen H. Thies  and published October 6  by … Continue reading

A visit to Poland’s “living shtetl skansen” without Jews

Ruth Ellen Gruber outside the replica of the Wolpa synagogueAfter following the project from afar for several years, Jewish Heritage Europe’s Coordinator Ruth Ellen Gruber finally got a chance to visit the “living shtetl skansen” being built in Biłgoraj, Poland, and the full-scale replica of the destroyed wooden synagogue … Continue reading

Shana tova!

The dome of the synagogue in Florence, Italy, framed by pomegranates -- a symbol of the new year -- on some of the many pomegranate trees in the synagogue garden  Shana tova to all our readers! Wishing you (and everyone else, of course) a sweet, satisfying and stimulating New Year — and beyond! Thank you for your interest, your “shares,” your comments, your “likes,” your contributions, and your feedback … Continue reading