Comprehensive story on Bródno cemetery matzevot in Warsaw

Gravestones awaiting restoration, Brodno Jewish cemetery, Warsaw. Photo: Virtual Shtetl/Sebastian DomżalskiMaja Czarnecka of AFP has written a comprehensive feature story on returning to Warsaw’s Bródno Jewish cemetery hundreds of matzevot and fragments that had been used in construction.  “Poland regained its independence 24 years ago. Today we can speak freely, … Continue reading

Lublin: Transfer of Yiddish wall painting to conserve it

Photo: Virtual ShtetlVirtual Shtetl has been reporting on the discovery, conservation and painstaking transfer of a Yiddish wall painting — apparently a shop advertisement or sign — in Lublin. The sign was discovered in May at a house at 4 Cyrulicza St. in Lublin. It was decided … Continue reading

Europa Nostra team visits Synagogue in Subotica, Serbia

Photo courtesy of Europa Nostra Serbia  A team of experts organized by Europa Nostra paid a visit last week to the synagogue in Subotica (Szabadka), Serbia — an art nouveau masterpiece dating from 1902 that Europa Nostra has put on its 2014 list of seven most endangered … Continue reading

Simchat Torah! Celebrating the Torah with images of Arks

Ark in preserved ruined synagogue, Nowy Korczyn, PolandSimchat Torah — Rejoicing in the Torah, the Jewish festival that celebrates the conclusion of the annual cycle of public Torah readings (and beginning of the new cycle), falls on Thursday-Friday, Oct. 16-17. To mark the occasion, here are some images of the Aron ha Kodesh, … Continue reading

Poland round-up: cemeteries, synagogues, etc

Szydlowiec-wm2  A number of cemetery clean-ups and other initiatives and developments have taken place in Poland in recent weeks — and also some vandalism. We have reported on some of them, but here are notes about others. Virtual Shtetl has also … Continue reading

Red Synagogue in Joniškis, Lithuania restoration completed

Red Synagogue, Joniškis, in 2006 -- before collapse  Good news from Lithuania. Restoration work has been completed on the interior of the sanctuary of the so-called Red Synagogue in Joniškis (Yanishok), Lithuania, one of two side-by-side 19th century synagogues in the town that form one of Lithuania’s most important … Continue reading