Lithuania: Report on 2015 activities of MACEVA Jewish cemetery organization

At the Jewish cemetery in Svencionys, LithuaniaMACEVA, the Lithuanian Jewish cemetery catalogue, has published a report providing an overview of its activities in 2015 — including documentation of cemeteries,  digitization of photographs of headstones, cemetery clean-up workshops and other activities. Highlights include: – an international two-week … Continue reading

Lithuania news: grants for synagogue (& other) restorations; progress at Pakruojis

Kalvarija-school-wm1The Heritage department of Lithuania’s Ministry of Culture has allocated funding grants for several synagogues and Jewish or Jewish-related heritage sites around the country. According to a document published by the Heritage department, these include: – The synagogue of Alytus … Continue reading

Cemetery restoration: report on hands-on experience and how-to (cross-post)

The massive stone slab grave cover of Tekla Shkyrpan is lifted, stabilized, leveled, cleaned, and protected. Photos © 2016 Szymon Modrzejewski and © 2016 Jay Osborn.Jay Osborn, of the Rohatyn Jewish Heritage project and Gesher Galicia, recently volunteered as part of a cemetery marker restoration workshop in the south of Poland organized by Stowarzyszenie Magurycz (Magurycz Association).  “It would be a chance for us to … Continue reading