Slovakia: Clean-up at Jewish cemetery Levoča (& video)

The Jewish cemetery in Levoča, Slovakia. Photo © David Conway    The Jewish cemetery in the historic town of Levoča, Slovakia has been cleaned up thanks to the initiative of a local  Catholic youth organization, Spoločenstvo Pavol (SP),  a member  of the Slovak Association of Christian Youth Movements (ZKSM). SP … Continue reading

Synagogue Wall Paintings – Research, Preservation, Presentation: Conference & new online resource

Three Hares motif in the replica of the Gwozdziec synagogue ceiling. Photo © Ruth Ellen GruberWhat looks to be a significant, highly focused conference on a topic we have posted about several times takes place in Jerusalem next month. “Synagogue Wall Paintings: Research, Preservation, Presentation,”  brings together key experts from Europe, North America and Israel … Continue reading

Turkey: New interactive digital portal to Jewish and other minorities’ cultural heritage

Turkey-digital-mapA new digital portal features a growing interactive map pinpointing cultural and religious sites of Turkey’s  Armenian, Greek, Jewish and Syriac minorities. Called Türkiye Kültürel Varlıkları Haritası” (Turkey’s Map of Cultural Heritages), the portal was launched by the Hrant Dink … Continue reading

New HAVE YOUR SAY op-ed: A New Day for the Golden Rose in L’viv

Photo © Jason Francisco  Ceremonies September 4 mark the inauguration of The Space of Synagogues, a new Jewish memorial complex in L’viv, Ukraine. JHE Coordinator Ruth Ellen Gruber was on the international jury that in 2010 chose the memorial design following an unprecedented … Continue reading

Summertime: the season of Jewish cemetery clean-ups

Volunteers for clean-up operation at the Jewish cemetery in Chernivtsi, Ukraine. Photo © Christiann Herrmann (Creative Commons)  It’s summertime, the season of volunteer operations to clear and clean-up Jewish cemeteries….Many “clean-up camps” and other initiatives have been –and are — taking place. Some are strictly local efforts, while other attract volunteers from several countries. Some concentrate … Continue reading