Video: WW2 Demolition of Synagogue in Holešov, CZ

Archival photos of the Holesov New Synagogue and its destruction. From the Holesov Museum.  Holešov, in the northern Moravia region of the Czech Republic, is known for the renaissance Shach synagogue (or Old Synagogue) — built the 16th century and now a Museum of Moravian Jewry. Before WW2, another, modern, synagogue stood in … Continue reading

Ostrava, CZ: Rescued Torah leads to virtual community (follow up to Rabbi Goldstein’s Have Your Say essay)

Archival photo of one of the six synagogues destroyed in Ostrava, CzIn our latest “Have Your Say” essay Rabbi Andrew Goldstein discusses how the fact that his London synagogue uses a Torah scroll from the Czech town of Kolín led to close links with the town, whose Jewish community was destroyed … Continue reading

Have Your Say: The Sermon That Changed (not just) My Life

Rabbi Andrew Goldstein outside the former synagogue in Nitra, Slovakia, now a cultural center and Holocaust memorial    For decades, London-based Rabbi Andrew Goldstein has traveled to central Europe helping in the revival of Jewish life. In particular, he has forged close ties between his own congregation and the town of Kolín in the Czech Republic, … Continue reading

Jewish built heritage in Ukraine & Poland: Some recent articles of note

Dome of the Jewish hospital in L  Sergey R. Kravtsov of the Center for Jewish Art at Hebrew University has uploaded to several of his recent articles, papers, and lectures on Jewish heritage in Ukraine, Poland (and elsewhere), which can be downloaded from the site … Continue reading

Ukraine: Drone video shows progress on Ostroh Great Maharsha Synagogue restoration

Maharsha synagogue, Ostroh, pre-World War II. Photo: Yad Vashem  This is pretty spectacular — local activist Grigori Arshinov has posted drone footage showing the progress that is being made in the restoration of the Great Maharsha synagogue in Ostroh, Ukraine — particularly the roof and facade.     … Continue reading

Poland: Krakow exhibit on history of Old Synagogue

Krakow Old Synagogue, 2011. Photo © Ruth Ellen Gruber  A recently opened temporary exhibit at the Old Synagogue in Krakow’s Kazimierz district illustrates the more than 500-year history of the gothic building, which today serves as the venue for the Jewish history branch of the Krakow Historical Museum … Continue reading

Jason Francisco: “Hanukkah in Holocaustland” (crosspost)

Ghostly light outside the Remuh synagogue, Krakow, on the 1st night of Hanukkah/Christmas Eve. Photo © Jason Francisco  The photographer and writer Jason Francisco, an American who spends periods of each year in Poland and/or western Ukraine, has written a provocative (and evocative) text-and-photo essay about visiting Krakow’s old Jewish quarter, Kazimierz, in the winter and marking … Continue reading