Opening of Jewish Museum in Synagogue at Chmielnik, Poland

When: Back to Calendar » June 15, 2013 – June 16, 2013 (all-day)
Where: Synagogue
Categories: Rededication/opening
Tags: museum Poland synagogue

After years of renovation work, the restored synagogue in the village of Chmielnik, in south-central Poland, opens as a museum of local Jewish history.  A variety of events are planned during the 2-day opening.

See the synagogue web site:

3 thoughts on “Opening of Jewish Museum in Synagogue at Chmielnik, Poland

  1. Dear Jeanette

    My grandmother also was raised in Chmielnik before emigrating to Canada in the 1920s. I have visited twice, most recently approximately 8 years ago. I suspect there are few if any hotels – it is a very small and fairly run-down village. Both visits, I stayed in Krakow (which has good hotels) and paid a driver to take me back and forth to Chmielnik in a day. I don’t recall exactly how long this took, but I remember it was a fairly easy day trip by car…. this might be easier than staying overnight there. Happy to discuss further – and curious to see if we might be related (!) – feel free to email me at

    kind regards, Ben

  2. I am coming to Chielmik with my two sisters at the end of September. Our mother was brought up there and we want to visit. We are finding it very difficult to find a hotel in Chmielnik for us to stay. Please can you let me know if there is a hotel for us to stay in. We need the name and telephone. Thank you.

    • Dear Jeanette,

      My great grandmother and namesake also hailed from Chmielnik. I am curious what your general impressions were of the town, which used to be over 80% Jewish prior to WWII. I would like to be in touch with you re: additional questions I have about Chmielnik, as well. I may be emailed at

      Many thanks,

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