Italy: Rome’s long-lost medieval Jewish cemetery discovered

Screen grab from Il Messaggero showing the rows of graves  Italian archaeologists have discovered 38 graves, with skeletal remains intact, from the cemetery used by Rome’s Jewish community from medieval times to the 17th century. The discovery of the so-called Campus Iudeorum was announced during a news conference held … Continue reading

Ukraine: What to do with newly discovered gravestone fragments?

Fragments of matzevot from Jewish cemetery in Husiatyn. Photo: Dmitry Polyukhovich/Focus    Local authorities in the western Ukrainian town of Husiatyn are grappling with what to do with hundreds of fragments of Jewish gravestones that recently came to light after being used for construction. Journalist Dmitry Polyukhovich writes in the … Continue reading

New Have Your Say essay: Migratory Patterns and the Birds of Probizhna

Ruined synagogue in Probizhna, Ukraine. Photo © Eliyana Adler  Taking a detour from an academic conference, Penn State University scholar Eliyana Adler a  made a roots trip to visit the obscure village in western Ukraine from which, a century ago, her grandmother had emigrated — twice. In our … Continue reading

Italy: Project launched to digitally reconstruct historic Florence Ghetto

Detail of a 1584 map of Florence by Stefano Buonsignori, showing the ghetto  The Medici Archive Project (MAP) has recently launched a major, multidisciplinary project to virtually “reconstruct the architectural and demographic-economic features of the ghetto of Florence, one of the oldest ghettos of Europe.” The MAP is a research institute whose … Continue reading

Ukraine: Great Maharsha Synagogue in Ostroh has a new roof

New roof on the Great Maharsha synagogue, Ostroh. Photo courtesy of Grigori ArshinovRestoration work the Great Maharsha Synagogue in Ostroh, Ukraine has achieved a milestone — a new roof, meaning that the 17th century building will be protected while further restoration work continues. “My 25 year old dream fulfilled!” local activist Grigori … Continue reading

Spain: Jewish community wants “symbolic” return of medieval Toledo synagogue

Synagogue Santa Maria la Blanca in Toledo, via wikimedia  Six centuries years after the building was turned into a church, the Jewish community in Spain wants a medieval former synagogue in Toledo, currently a museum, returned to Jewish ownership. (This is not the famous El Transito synagogue, a … Continue reading