Appeal to help restore Jewish cemeteries in Dukla, Poland


An appeal has been launched to raise funds for the step by step restoration of the two Jewish cemeteries in Dukla, Poland.

Old jewish cemetery, Dukla, 2011. © Ruth Ellen Gruber


Robert Szczepanik, who lives in Dukla, reports that the two Jewish cemeteries in Dukla are in a “deplorable state.” Both were devastated by the Germans in WW2.  The old cemetery, dating back to the 18th century, is totally overgrown. The new cemetery, established in around 1870 across a dirt road from the old cemetery, seem fairly well maintained, with grass and weeds cut, but has been subject to theft and vandalism.

Entrance to "new" Jewish cemetery, Dukla, 2011. © Ruth Ellen Gruber

The Shtetl Dukla Society for the Protection of the Heritage of Jews of Dukla Region and the Foundation for the Preservation of Jewish Heritage (, which owns the cemeteries, signed a cooperation agreement in 2011, under which the Society is to maintain the cemeteries, and some clean-up work has been carried out.

Targeted donations are now being sought for specific stages of restoration, which Shtetl Dukla and FODZ are working out with the advice of a monuments conservator.

Mr. Szczepanik says seed money of 5,000 zloties (about $1,500) is being sought as a first step, to finance drawing up of architectural plans.

The stages of restoration will then include:

1. Repairing the wall and gate at the new cemetery. (The cemetery should be closed because the gravestones are systematically stolen)

2. Repairing the wall of the old cemetery.

3. Removal of trees whose roots tip up the walls  and topple the gravestones.

4. Construction of a lapidary with fragments of gravestones

5. Recovery of gravestones from the stream in Tylawa and inclusion in a lapidary. (These are gravestones the Germans took to the woods in Tylawa and used as building material)

6. Rebuilding the walls of the cemetery chapel

7. Creation of a memorial plaque with the names of the Jews who were murdered and buried in a mass grave near the Dukla.

To make a targeted donation, or for further information, contact Robert Szczepanik at  or FODZ at




6 thoughts on “Appeal to help restore Jewish cemeteries in Dukla, Poland

  1. Nie wiem kto usunął naszą poprzednią informację o tym, że Pan Robert Szczepanik nie jest członkiem naszego Stowarzyszenia i zbiórka publiczna pieniędzy jest na renowację dukielskich kirkutów jego prywatną inicjatywą. Nasze Stowarzyszenie opiekuje się kirkutami dukielskimi, Synagogą i zbiorową mogiłą dukielskich Żydów u podnóża góry Błudna. Chcielibyśmy stanowczo podkreślić, że nie współpracujemy z Panem Szczepanikiem na żadnej płaszczyźnie.
    Prezes Stowarzyszenia Sztetl Dukla
    Jacek Koszczan

  2. hello dear. i try to find details about my grand father that leaved inDukla. his name david majerovich his wife nechama majerovich (landao). they came in 1900 aproccemetly to germany..please if you can find somthing about them .write us.
    thank you very much.ruthi almog

  3. Dzięki wielkie Szymon. Gdy już będzie bliżej konkretnych prac,głoszę się na pewno. Na szkolenie też. Pozdrawiam i dziękuję za zaangażowanie.

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